Current Projects

Essentially Done:

Richard L. Wood and Daniel Jordan Smith (eds.). Pentecostalism, Politics, and Political Culture: A Comparative Perspective; currently under review at Oxford University Press; includes a chapter by Richard L. Wood and Danielle Durán. “Pentecostalized Religion and Political Culture in Central America.

Brad R. Fulton and Richard L. Wood. “Institution-Based Organizing: Religion in the Public Arena,” submitted for inclusion in edited book proposal to Oxford University Press, Progressive Religion (Rhys Williams, Todd Fuist, and Ruth Braunstein, editors), submitted February 2014.

Wood, Richard L., forthcoming in 2015, “Public Catholicism.” in The Future of American Catholicism, edited by Timothy Matovino and Patricia Killen. Columbia University Press.

In Preparation

Wood, Richard L. Renewing Fire? Pentecostal Christianity, Catholic Charismatics, and Political Culture in Central America. Book proposal submitted and recommended for acceptance at Oxford University Press; full ms to be submitted upon completion, estimated 2016.

Next book project: Wood, Richard L. Faith and the Fire of Public Life. To be formally submitted to Oxford University Press and/or University of Chicago Press, estimated late 2015 (5 of 8 chapters written).

Oyakawa, Michelle, Brad Fulton, and Richard L. Wood. “Racial Equity Work in Predominantly White Civic Organizations”, multi-method article with doctoral students at Ohio State University and Duke University; for submission to the American Journal of Sociology early 2015.

Sager, Rebecca, Brad Fulton, and Richard L. Wood. “Strategic Alliances: Faith Based and Secular Political Partnerships”, multi-method article analyzing the conditions under which religious-secular organizational alliances contribute to or undermine organizational efficacy, for submission to the American Journal of Sociology early 2015. 

Ed Flores, Brad Fulton, and Richard L. Wood, “Pushing the Institutional Envelope: When highly institutionalized organizations address socially controversial issues,” journal article in early development with faculty member at Loyola University-Chicago and doctoral student at Duke University.