Doctoral Students

Doctoral students on whose dissertation committees served or chaired include:

In Progress

  • Rose Rohrer                                          
  • Jon Williams


  • Dr. Danielle Albright; Spring 2015; Public Frames and Message Cooptation in Policy Oriented Social Movements (chair); currently on job market
  • Dr. Brad Fulton; Spring 2015 (Duke University); Community Organizing in the 21st Century: Analyzing the Relationship between Social Composition and Organizational Outcomes. Assistant Professor in organizations/nonprofit management at Indiana University.
  • Dr. Marina Primak Kingsbury; Spring 2015 (UNM Political Science); Family Policy in Post-Communist Europe and the Former Soviet Union: Assessing the Impact of Xenophobia; currently on job market                                                       
  • Dr. Michael Wolff; Spring 2014 (UNM Political Science); Parallels of Drug Trafficking and Insurgency: Criminal Development and the State in Brazil; currently lecturing at UNM and on job market
  • Dr. Benjamin Waddell; Spring 2013; The Political Economy of Remittance-led Development in Mexico (chair). Assistant Professor of Sociology at Adams State University (Colorado)
  • Dr. Anwar Ouassini; Spring 2013; Between Islamophobia And The Ummah:  How Spanish Moroccans Are Negotiating Their Identities In Post 3-11 Madrid. Assistant Professor of Sociology at Indiana University-Purdue University Columbus (IUPUI)
  • Dr. Gregory Evans; Spring 2013 (UNM English); Applied Rhetorics of the Self, The Citizen, and The Writer: Hermeneutics and Composition in Dewey, Arendt, and Ricoeur
  • Dr. Mozafar Banihashemi; Fall 2012; Shi'ite Reformism Versus Shi'ite Fundamentalism: A Comparative Study Of Shi'ite Discursive Practices In 20th Century Iran: The Cases Of Khomeini And Hakamizadeh (chair). Instructor in UNM Religious Studies Program.
  • Dr. Ryan Goodman; Spring 2012; How We Fight: Strategies at Emergence among Animal Rights and LGBTQ Rights Organizations (chair); Lecturer (full time instructor) in Sociology at UNM-West.
  • Dr. Rebeca Jasso Aguilar; Summer 2012; How Common Citizens Transform Politics: The Cases of Mexico and Bolivia (chair). Independent scholar and activist
  • Dr. Nick Rowell; Spring 2012 (UNM Political Science); Church-State Ties, Roman Catholic Episcopacies, and Human Rights in Latin America. Visiting Assistant Professor of Political Science at the University of Arkansas
  • Dr. Cleophas Taurai Muneri; Spring 2012 (UNM Communications & Journalism); Negotiating Cultural Identity In The Struggle For Democracy In Zimbabwe: Postcolonial Transitions And Endurance. Lecturer (full time instructor) in Communications at UNM-West.
  • Dr. Soumia (Dhar) Bhardan; Fall 2011 (UNM Communications & Journalism); Understanding The Confluence Of Online Islamism And Counterpublicity: An Ideological Study Of The Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood’s Rhetoric In Ikhwanweb. Assistant Professor of International & Intercultural Communications at Kansas State University
  • Dr. Jeremey Lehnen; Spring 2010 (UNM Foreign Languages & Literatures); Marginality, Mayhem and Middle Class Anxieties: Imaginaries of Violence and Masculinity in Contemporary Latin American Film. Assistant Professor of Spanish & Portuguese at the University of New Mexico.
  • Dr. Kevin Lapoint; Summer 2009; Liberal and Devout: The Sources of Enthusiasm and Organizational Commitment Within the Liberal Religious Niche (chair). Independent scholar.
  • Dr. Colin Olson; Spring 2009; A Network Study of Community Elites and Their Ties with the Local Media; Lecturer (full time instructor) in Sociology at UNM-West.
  • Dr. Leslie Lopez; Summer 2008 (UNM Anthropology); Taking Back the Word: Defining Public Service and Democracy Through Community Radio in Latin America. Lecturer in Anthropology at University of California at Santa Cruz.
  • Dr. Kate Hovey; Spring 2003; Anarchy and Community in the New American West: Madrid, New Mexico, 1970-2000 (chair; published as book by University of New Mexico Press, 2005). Lecturer in Sociology at New Mexico State University.

Pre-2006 doctoral advisement included:

  • Janine Dorsey (UNM History)
  • Ann McClenahan (Harvard University, Sociology)
  • Diana Jones (Vanderbilt University, Community Psychology)
  • Lynne Gerber (Graduate Theological Union, Social Ethics)
  • Andrea Hoplight (UNM Sociology)
  • Jerry Daday (UNM Sociology)
  • Mark George (UNM Sociology – chair)
  • Felipe Montoya and Jennifer Rioux (UNM Anthropology)
  • Judy Palier (UNM Political Science)
  • Sarah Kotchian (UNM American Studies)
  • Sarah Kaminsky-Costello (University of Illinois, Political Science)